Who We Are

Our Mission Statement: To feed the hungry who come to our doors.

Our Diversity Statement: At St. Joe’s Supper Table, we are dedicated to serving anyone who comes to our door in need of food for both the body and the soul.

At the heart of our organization is our desire to nourish those most in need, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, religion and age, cultural backgrounds and life experiences. Embracing this diversity only enhances our organizational culture, and creates an empowerment that helps foster good health and social well-being.

St. Joe’s Supper Table is located in downtown Ottawa (Sandy Hill), between the University of Ottawa and the Ottawa Byward Market. As such we are an inner-city operation close to several homeless shelters. We have one fully-equipped kitchen, a dining room that seats up to 30 guests at a time, and a community garden with 7 plots and several potted plants.

We are open 5 days a week, and our meal service operates from 5PM to 6:15PM nightly. We start our day at 8:30/9AM when several volunteers arrive in the morning to our community kitchen in order to prepare bagged meals and start cooking the main meal for the day. We also have 4 baking crews that come in throughout the week to prepare deserts the guests.

Guests have a choice to come in and sit for a hot meal or get a bagged meal at the door. We prepare a main meal that usually contains a main dish, a side soup, a side salad, a bun, a desert and a glass of milk. We also provide vegetarian meals as well as meals that respect the dietary and religious observances of our diverse guests. We have built a reputation as having homemade nutritious meals and the warmest welcome/atmosphere of all the free meal providers in the city.

The bagged meals contain 2 sandwiches and a snack each. Bagged meals are there for people who do not wish to come in and sit.

We also run two food bank locations that help serve the needs of Sandy Hill residents.

In the gardening months we use vegetables from our community garden to help supplement our food costs. Guests and volunteers tend the garden and use it as a place to enjoy each other’s company before and after the dinner service.