The St. Joe’s Supper Table consists of three major programs run by over 60 volunteers.

The nightly dinner service is our principle program and involves volunteers coming in as early as 9AM to start making sandwiches, cooking food and preparing the dinning room for dinner. During the dinner service from 5PM-6:30PM we have people platting food, serving guests and washing dishes.

Our Food Bank is our second program which helps supplement the cost of groceries for residents in the Sandy Hill neighborhood of Ottawa. Volunteers help set-up each week and help guests choose nutritious food and ingredients for themselves and their families.

Finally, our Community Garden grows fresh herbs and produce and helps offset some of the costs associated with purchasing ingredients. The garden is open every year from April to October and is coordinated/planned, planted, watered, and harvested by a dedicated crew who work throughout the season. Local Catholic High Schools help us open our gardens in the Spring, while groups from the University of Ottawa help us turn over the garden in the Fall.

If you are interested in joining our team you can reach out to Andrew by email at apump@st-josephs.ca or come in for a visit to 151 Laurier Ave. East and have a tour.

To access our Volunteer Intro Package click here.

If you would like a copy of our Volunteer Application you can find it here.