Chaplain Newsletter 3

Chaplain Newsletter 3

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  Chaplain Newsletter                                          Vol 1, no. 3  Aug 2019


Hi Folks…I hope your summer has gone well…it certainly has gone fast! I haven’t heard yet from many of you, so don’t forget to contact me at with ideas, input and comments…


Especially as new people are arriving all the time and educating and supporting each other is so essential to keep St Joe’s Supper table running, let us keep on reminding ourselves to introduce each other as we help in this special ministry.


In accentuating the positive we continue our team building and inspiration here at St Joe’s with our next installment from Building Successful Teams (2006) with the four great traits of effective teams. Well, what are they: how about Respect, Sacrifice, Creativity and Unity.


The good on this one—Respect means we are like a family. And here is a team tip: each team member is different. Treat each person with respect. A family is a beautiful metaphor for the way a team can work effectively toward a common goal yet, at the same time recognize and celebrate each individual member. So another team tip: Make sure the entire team gets rewarded for victories and successes in this volunteer ministry. So reflect on these questions. What are you doing on your team to encourage respect among your teammates? Do you see your team as a family? How would you describe these ‘family’ members, what strengths do they add? What challenges and how can they be turned into strengths?


Here’s a tough one for our society—Sacrifice: are we like an athletic team? Do you realize that the usual big eight offensive lineman on a football teams’ job is to not get their names in the paper. Their job is to support the team so that the quarterback or the running back or wide receiver gets into the paper. Their job is not about the glory but about helping the team win in the trenches. We as staff and volunteers are about supporting the clients in all their life struggles to feel welcome and well fed and valued as sons and daughters of God. So a team tip: sacrifice personal power and glory in order to support the team. You sacrifice so you can be supportive to each member, because any team runs better when it operates on this principle of sacrifice. It’s also the witness of our founder J.C.


Are you surprised that Creativity is an important team building characteristic? Well, it’s because we are like a Choir or Orchestra learning to work together. Creativity is important because it sparks good teams and maximum performance. Why would a team work at being more creative than predictable? The obvious reason is it keeps you from growing complacent. “We’ve always done it that way” or “It’s our way or the highway” are not helpful when it becomes a way to preserve power or keep people or teams from moving into new or better ways and ideas. In education there is a concept known as creative dissonance that comes in those gray areas where it’s not always clear right away what to do. It’s built on the premise that some of the best learning takes place when we enter an uncomfortable situation. Our ministry here at St Joe’s is full of surprising or different situations best handled by being open to creative solutions or compassionate personal responses that are not based on complacent or rigid responses. And sometimes asking new or hard questions pushes a team to take chances or risks that build us or our clients up as taking advantage of opportunities for growth and the Christian charity it can provide.


And finally, it may be obvious or seem impossible at times, but Unity is so important that we act as one in our performance musically or otherwise. Did you ever think of the analogy (like St Paul uses) of the body’s unified effectiveness?  We can break it down into four points: We are Diverse—for as all our body parts belong to the same body, yet each is very different form the others. We are all very different, yet that diversity makes us work. We all have a specialty—our eyes on our body are to accomplish something different from our ears. It is a vital task, no less important and no more important than any other body part’s function. Third, we compliment one another—that means we all fit together like pieces from the same human puzzle. And finally, that means in God’s plan we are meant to be one, for if we act independent of one another that breeds disorder to the body and our ministry is rather, one of service. And guess what? We end up being better in life for it. And that’s what teamwork is all about in your life as you volunteer (or as a staff member) to be a part of St Joe’s Supper Table. And we’re sure thankful for it!



Thanks…that’s it for this week… Happy Long Labour Day Weekend


Chaplain Rick


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