Art Workshop…

Art Workshop…

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Chaplain Newsletter            Vol 1 Nov 11, 2019

Hi My Friends,

So as the winter weather rolls in how about some beautiful art to distract or inspire you with colors and images to help us get in touch with our inner beauty that is common to all who come together these days with our wonderful art facilitator Emma who was also our summer intern student whose come back to continue to share her compassion and listening ear which also speaks of her creativity of the human heart. Checkout our St Joe’s website to see a few of the pic’s of our talented clients hidden gifts of color and form!

Art is often a reflection of the soul so reflect on this a bit as we pray for all who come here at St Joes to be touched hopefully by the Spirit of Love and Transformation, especially for the lonely, wounded or forgotten hearts!

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”, once stated the creative monk and writer Thomas Merton. So let of support others to begin or continue the journey…


-Chaplain Rick


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